An anti-fear, pro-mistakes social drawing event
Sitting down with your friends, crayons and markers strewn all over the table, a stack of printer paper... as a kid, it was so easy to be creative. But grown-ups... so many of them say "I can't draw!!!" every time they talk to an artist or approach a game of Pictionary or someone sees a doodle they made on the margin of their notebook. So many people stop drawing because they start thinking they're supposed to produce something. To be "good" at drawing without ever being bad at it.

Be bad. Be bad at drawing a lot. Keep being bad at drawing but keep drawing anyway, because it's fun. Before you know it, you'll be okay at drawing. You're probably already better than you think.

Draw-la-la events in The Culture Hub, Rotterdam
I host regular Draw-la-la events at the Culture Hub in Rotterdam West, which are always a laugh! Each session, there's a new game - Words from a Hat, Exquisite Corpse, Felix the Magical Cat Bag, and more! The games are all designed to get people drawing, and to break through the creative block that comes with looking at a blank page.

Draw-la-la is a free event, and part of my mission to help people (re)discover the joy of drawing. It's for all ages and skill levels. 

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A café filled with people, happily drawing with each other.
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