Ashley Doucette, MFA
Any day I spend creating something, is a day spent well.  
I was born in Ottawa, Canada in 1987, the granddaughter of a prodigious crafter, with an innate love of art and mess. From the moment I could hold a crayon, I was drawing. I kept drawing. Then I started painting. Then designing. I haven't stopped.

I studied fine art at York University, then moved overseas to complete my Master's degree at the Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen, the Netherlands. I fell in love with the country and eventually moved to Rotterdam where I work as an artist, an illustrator, and a Lead Product Designer at Mendix. I run a local drawing event called Draw-la-la that encourages people to break out of their comfort zones and draw something, even if they haven't since they were kids.

There are many themes that come back in my work. Myth, story, psychology, magic, people, the strange juxtapositions of life. Sometimes cats. 
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